Preparing to Use an Employment Agency and Start an Exciting Career After University

Finishing university is a big deal and often marks the transition from full-time education to an exciting new career. Sadly, for a lot of graduates, it becomes a new source of stress, filled with doubts over the future and an uncertainty over which direction to take.

Instead of worrying on your own and feeling lost, getting in touch with an employment agency can be a great way to find opportunities that are perfect for you, and to get a bit of guidance when you need it. To get the most out of an agency, it's a good idea to do a bit of prep in advance, so follow these tips and give your career search a big boost.

Register early

There's no need to wait until you actually graduate to register with an employment agency. In fact, contacting one early on can really help you stand out and give you a more solid idea of your job prospects.

Don't worry that you don't have final grades yet. Your current grade point average is sometimes enough to start getting applications in, and you might be in a position to start work soon after university so there's less of a gap.

Keep an open mind

It's good to have an idea of exactly what it is you want to do for a career, but sticking to just one field can be a mistake. Unless your area of study is one that leads to a specific job, you should have a fairly open mind.

Research which careers you'd be suited to and make a list of ones you think you would enjoy. If you're unable to get a job in your number one field, you'll have a backup plan readily available, and you can take a number of suggestions to your employment agency.

Gain some experience

Grades count, of course, but many employers find experience even more valuable. If you can get some work experience, it really helps an agency to sell you to potential employers, even if it's not strictly related to what you want to do.

In addition to actual work experience, extracurricular activities can also be highly valuable, as they show you're a rounded person with a range of interests. Make sure your employment agency is aware of all your experience, so they can make sure it's working in your favour.

Get your CV in order

If you rush your CV, it will show. Start putting one together early so you can polish it as much as possible and make sure it's showing you at your best. Your employment agent can probably help you if you ask, but it helps if you have something to show them first.