Stay healthy in spite of your long delivery trips

Training to be a long-distance multi-combination truck driver? You must be in perfect health for you to make those deliveries. You can be good at driving and watching the safety of other road users, but one skill you may lack is maintaining a healthy lifestyle in your line of work. Eating and staying healthy may be difficult in this profession, but is not entirely impossible. As you look to hit the road, here are a few eating tips to help you maintain a healthy diet as you take those long trips:

Plan the day

In most cases, you will find yourself opting for fast foods and unhealthy carbonated drinks because of failing to plan where you should be by the time you need to eat. Therefore, come up with a suitable schedule that takes your eating needs into account. A schedule for every journey that you make will enable you to increase the chances of making stops at places that you can buy healthy food.

Choose your food wisely

Eat vegetables and fruits often. If you can get some salad, then it is an added advantage for you. In addition, avoid carbonated drinks such as soda. Instead, opt for fresh fruit juices rather than drinking up numerous calories in carbonated drinks and milkshakes. 

If it is inevitable for you to eat fast food because of an impracticable schedule for a particular journey, try eating as healthy as you can. Avoid onion rings, fries, and adding that extra sauce on your meal, which could be a source of additional calories. Most importantly, always keep water in the truck and remember to drink it to stay well hydrated. This will help you to minimise headaches and fatigue.

Have time for some workout

It may not be the desired and all-rounded work out that you want, but a little of it will do given your line of work. You can set some time for a walk, say for half an hour. Walking is good exercise given that you have to work with strict deadlines, and lack the time to check into a gymnasium. On a bright, sunny day, you will break some sweat to keep the skin pores healthy before checking into a room to clean up and get some rest.

Quit smoking

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that exposes to the risk of developing a host of health conditions. For instance, it is a risk factor for many cancers such as throat and lung cancer. You can lose track of the number of cigarettes you smoke when sitting behind the wheel for long hours, which is dangerous for you.

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